My first elephant

My first elephant was pink.  I got her when I was an infant, and she remained on my dresser throughout my childhood.  She had a picture of a bell on her stomach (no idea why) and a plastic heart on the tip of her nose.  Her name was Pinky, because I was no prodigy.

I loved her.  And, every time I went to the zoo, I’d go to the elephant enclosure and be bewitched.  I wasn’t even disappointed that there were no pink elephants.

With the unnatural decline of the elephant population due to poaching and the ivory trade, I decided to foster an elephant named Sonje in 2012 through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Every month, I received updates on her condition, lovely pictures, and news about the important work of the foundation.

The cost: $50 for the year.

I should have kept it up, but going back to college put a significant dent in my budget.  In hindsight, I could have managed to save money on countless things, and the elephant could have taken priority.

Now, I’m back to working, and all tip money this month went to foster elephants. I’m hoping this blog will keep me on task to help raise awareness and do my little part in saving these magnificent  animals.

I hope you will check in periodically to learn more about elephants, get some cute photos and stories about them, and find ways you can help.


(photo David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)


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