Sana Sana

I began my work as a full time massage therapist last November. One way I tried to promote the business was to give my November tips to a charitable organization.  Last year, thanks to the generosity of clients, I was able to donate just over $200 to lung cancer research to the local university. One of my friends had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and one of my mother’s friends had died of the disease that year, so the donation was personal as well.  In the end, I decided that the personal reasons far outweighed the business ones.

So this fall, I began to brainstorm which organization would be meaningful for this year’s donation.   I saw a story on BBC at the beginning of September that discussed the dire situation of elephants. In one decade, numbers had declined by a third.  An aerial census in Africa shocked even the experts.

At the end of November, I began to read the elephant orphan profiles at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  It was so hard to decide on which four elephants to foster as each elephant has an amazing story.


Sana Sana’s story was one of the ones which touched me most.  She was found alone, injured by a hyena, and weak from lack of nutrition.  Mourning her family, she remained separate from the other elephants at the Trust, but elephants are very family oriented and many of the older orphans encouraged her to join their group.  Today she is a happy, healthy elephant.

photo: Sana Sana, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


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