warning: video shows a rhino autopsy

video: CCTV Africa

Rangers have an immensely dangerous job, not only having to worry about the unpredictability of nature but also having to guard against violent poachers who are not hesitant to kill anything in sight.  For example, over 140 rangers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were killed by poachers in the last fifteen years.  Unfortunately, corrupt governments and law enforcement take bribe money and the killers often go free.  In 2012, 6 rangers were killed together in Chad and the poachers truly got away with murder.

Some rangers also take bribes, seeing their job only as a way to make ends meet and not as a moral duty. However, many take their work very seriously and believe saving elephants and rhinos is defending not only the animals, but also an honorable duty to their country and culture.

According to the Game Rangers Association of Africa, shockingly 75% of rangers have reported feeling intimidated and 59% feel ill equipped to carry out their tough job.

Clearly, more support is needed for those on the front lines of conservation. They need better training, basic supplies, and a morale boost. Please consider supporting groups like the Thin Green Line Foundation, which was recently profiled in The New York Times for their amazing work.


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