Elephants and Bees

img_1521Elephants are obviously big and strong enough to go over fences if they want.  This creates conflicts between the humans and animals who both want to “harvest” crops for food.  An innovative and effective way to stop elephants from destroying crops is to put up bee fences.  Bee hives evenly spaced around a perimeter stop the elephants.

Elephants do not like the sound of bees humming, knowing that a hive can be vicious with their stings.   It may seem weird that a huge elephant is scared of a bee, but I suppose the same can be said for us humans.  Insects are strong deterrents.

These bee fences are also a fabulous idea since the honey can be harvested and sold, supporting struggling farming families.

Plus, if you’ve been following the news, you are aware that there has been an alarming decline in the bee population.  Supporting hives helps the bees, helps pollinate the crops, and helps reduce elephant-human conflict.

The Elephants & Bees Project operates in Asia and Africa (currently in ten countries).  For now, the honey is sold only locally.  But, you can help support the project via a donation.  Disney is a sponsor of the project (along with Oxford University and the Save the Elephants foundation).


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