Why Should We Care?

With all the problems in the world, why should we care about elephants?

Michelle Henley of the organization Elephants Alive stated:

“Elephants are an example to us of a moral society. They revere the old and adore the young. It’s something we humans are fast losing. And by taking out the old tuskers we’re crippling the wisdom of the species. We should be very concerned.”

(Source: Conservation Action Trust)


Elephants are an intelligent and social species, who clearly have emotional and complex relationships with each other.  When any animal is endangered or becomes extinct, it is very sad.  But, the loss of elephants would be particularly harsh since humans can relate so well to their lives.

Elephants also are important to our ecosystem, dispersing seeds and fertilizing vast areas of land.  Being so large and powerful, they also dig water holes in dry areas and tear away old brush.  If elephants disappear, other species that rely on them will suffer too.

In addition, if elephants become extinct, it will be due to human failure.  It will be due to lawlessness, violence, corruption, and greed.  If these amoral values become more powerful than our efforts and dedication to help others then our world will be a very tragic place indeed.



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