There are four elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand that were the victims of landmines.

Video: Elephant Nature Park

The elephant I saw during my short time at the park had an enormous bandage from foot to knee and limped badly.  There are landmines on the Thailand-Myanmar border from conflicts between the Myanmar army and rebel groups.  This region is also sadly where many elephants are forced into logging labor.  Accidents occur too often, either by landmines or log crushes.

Fortunately, prosthetics are not just for humans.  In 2016, an elephant named Mosha received her new leg at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation hospital.

The hospital was founded in 1993, and offers free care.  Over 4,000 elephants have been helped, thanks to the generosity of donors such as the Brigitte Bardot foundation (the famous French actress). The hospital relies on your donations too!




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