In this blog, I have discussed some of the major reasons elephants are struggling to survive, including climate change/record droughts, encroachment of human populations onto previously wild land, and poaching by violent gangs aided by corrupt government officials.

Human life is connected to nature and vice-versa.  The elephants are not the only ones struggling to survive.

To save the elephants, we also have to care deeply about reducing human poverty – by having good health care, family planning, education, and responsible governments – with leaders that can make necessary reforms and enact smart policies to strengthen  economies, rewarding those who work hard on behalf of all people (and wildlife).

One organization that is having a positive impact is Camfed, which aids girls to go and remain in school.  It is consistently ranked highly in charity watchdog lists, and you can give a general donation or to specific projects.

For example, the actress Emma Watson helped fund a project to provide girls in Zambia with bicycles so they could have transportation to school and work.  Camfed’s “Just One Thing” campaign has donations starting at $15 for school supplies.  Other options include $20 for a year’s supply of sanitary supplies, $40 for uniforms, and $80 for a bicycle.




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