Photographing Elephants

img_1549The NY Times recently had a fascinating article about wildlife photography.  Anup Shah spends hours sitting in his truck, catching up on literary classics while waiting for animals to wander into his remote cameras’ view.  Patience pays off, as he takes candid and beautiful shots of cheetahs, hyenas, zebras, lions, and of course, elephants.

Unlike a safari image, where animals are aware of the tourists and their cameras, Shah says he is able to capture “the secrets” of wildlife.  Looking at his pictures does give you that feeling.  There’s something in their eyes that is completely bright and curious, which often is muted while they gaze at gaping tourists in their midst.

His book is for sale for 25 GBP.  Due to copyright, I cannot post his elephant photos.  Please check The NY Times article for a sampling of his work.






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