Roots & Shoots

Happy New Year!  I’d like to start the New Year’s post by wishing everyone (including elephants) a peaceful, safe, and healthy 2017.

Here is an uplifting post to begin the year:

Roots & Shoots was a program started by famous wildlife researcher Dr. Jane Goodall to get children interested in community activism.  It started with twelve students in Tanzania, but now has 130,000 members.  It operates in 130 countries, with youth led projects to help animals, clean the environment, and alleviate poverty.


The four step plan advises students to get engaged, start mapping (planning), take action, and celebrate the results.  There are tools on the website for students to use to increase their chances of having a successful project that will make a positive impact in their community.

If you type in “elephant” in the project search box, you will see students’ projects from all over the world.  It is inspiring to see so many kids getting involved in conservation.  Please take a few minutes to look over their work; many of the projects request your participation (such as signing a petition, filling out a survey, or donating goods).  Let’s encourage kids to be activists!  If you have children, it is a great way to get them interested in the world and it is free to join.

photo: public domain, US Dept of State, Dr. Jane Goodall in 2015








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