Elephant Dung Paper

Want to save forests, thus saving elephants’ habitat?  Consider writing on elephant dung paper.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell.

Uncommon in the US, elephant dung paper is a standard option nowadays in Kenya, with seventeen firms (employing hundreds of people) making it.

An added benefit: there’s no shortage of supply.  Elephants eat between 200-600 pounds of food a day.  For roughly every one hundred pounds of dung, 125 pages of paper can be made.


In Sri Lanka, Asian elephants are suffering not because of poaching but because of loss of habitat.  Mr. Ellie Pooh is a company that has turned elephant dung into wrapping paper, stationary, journals, photo albums, and more.

A statement from the company:

“While it may not completely resolve the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka, Ellie Pooh paper is already going a long way toward raising the tolerance of farmers toward the elephants — by actually compensating them for damage to their crops. For this reason the elephant is seen more as an economic asset and less as a nuisance or threat. The people will not want to see the elephant disappear from their midst, and Ellie Pooh paper plays an important role in the saving the population of Asian elephants in Sri Lanka.”

You can order products online.  Some of the larger zoos (such as the National Zoo) also sell products in their gift shops.  If you are a NY resident or visitor, stop by the gift shop at the American Museum of Natural History.







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