Cambodian Children’s Fund

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Poverty reduction is key to resolving so many of the world’s problems, including improving our human relationships with animals and the environment.  For that reason, in this blog, I will sometimes deviate from my elephant posts.

I have sponsored a child through the Cambodian Children’s Fund for the past four years.  For my budget, it is a large donation, but it is worth every cent.  I give $100 a month.

The child I sponsor has grown in her English skills, so much so that we can now Skype.  With Skype, I have also been able to meet her friends and teachers.  We also exchange multiple emails a month, where I get news about her schooling, her friends, her family, and Cambodian culture.  We sign our letters “love” since we now feel like family.  She gets to visit her family for school breaks and special holidays, and now a younger sibling is in the program too.

She was raised by a very kind but desperately poor family, which earns a living picking through dumpsters.  Without this fantastic organization, she would have had little opportunity to escape that life.  Now, she is dreaming of becoming a doctor, and her grades are certainly good enough for some of the top universities.

Here is what your sponsorship provides:

-a great education
-basic food and shelter
-medical care for the student and family
-housing, savings funds and debt re-financing for eligible families

The sponsorship program costs have risen to $150 a month for new donors.

You get to choose your sponsored child and will receive information and progress reports about him or her.

A newer program is Sponsor a Granny, costing $50 a month.  You may also donate any amount without the commitment of sponsoring someone.

The Cambodian Children’s Fund receives top charity ratings every year.  From my own experience, I can assure you your donations are used wisely and make an incredible, positive difference in a child’s life.





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