President Trump

If you were wondering how wildlife management policies may change with the new US administration, here are some excerpts.

From Outdoor Life magazine:

“when asked if there are specific regulations pertaining to forestry, wildlife, water, resource development and so on that a Trump administration would like to reduce or redo, Don Jr. said that “at a minimum, we think the following should be examined and re-evaluated: the Federal Land Management Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Water Act, the Equal Justice Act and the Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act.””

At a minimum?   That’s a lot of (often bipartisan) regulations to reduce or redo.  I find this very troubling.

Don Jr. and his brother Eric are hunters and have gone trophy hunting in Africa.  They likely will advise their father in his new role, as President Trump seems to be keeping his family close.  From National Geographic:

“What is less clear is whether Trump will try to loosen rules put in place by the Fish and Wildlife Service that restrict imports of African elephant trophies and lion trophies put in place to protect their population numbers. But such a move wouldn’t be surprising, given the NRA endorsement and its opposition to trophy hunting regulations.”

Regulations are there for a purpose: to make sure endangered species like the elephant are not hunted into extinction.  Removing regulations I fear would be catastrophic.  Please note that regulations do not equal a ban on hunting: trophy hunters can and do hunt big game in Africa.  They just can’t be too greedy and hunt however many they desire.

As for wildlife trafficking, thankfully there is hope President Trump would not reverse President Obama’s progress on reducing it.  From National Geographic:

““It’s an issue of national security as well as conservation,” says Under Secretary Catherine Novelli at the State Department, who has led the department’s anti-trafficking efforts. “The support has been very bipartisan going back a very long way.””





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