Libyan Refugees

img_1596The third African country singled out by the Trump administration is Libya.  Rebel fighters killed longtime dictator Gaddafi, but then there was a power vacuum.  The country plunged into lawlessness, and ISIS developed a stronghold there.

According to Amnesty International, people have been “abducted, tortured, unlawfully killed and harassed” by ISIS in Libya.

One of President Trump’s top priorities is to eradicate ISIS, so it seems particularly odd that those trying to flee ISIS are being stalled from applying for refugee status in the USA.

Fortunately, Christians refugees targeted by ISIS may eventually be allowed entry into the US, but for the Muslim refugees who fear and loathe ISIS, hope is fading quickly.

It is important to note that a great majority of Muslims despise ISIS.  In the most recent November 2015 Pew Research study, the country with highest ISIS support level was Nigeria, where 20% of Muslims said they supported the group.  All other Middle Eastern/African countries in the study had between 1% to 9% of Muslims supporting ISIS.

To repeat what I’ve said in other posts, refugees go through a twenty-four month process – including lengthy applications, background checks, interviews, medical checks, and fingerprinting – before knowing if they will be accepted as refugees in the USA.  No refugees have been involved in terrorist attacks.

It is my firm belief that the administration’s policy is unjust, further hurting those who have already faced more hurt in their lifetime than we can possibly imagine.

Edited to add: The travel ban has been in the courts, and temporarily is suspended.  However, the Department of Justice is appealing the ruling.


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