Grassroots Action

One great way to help elephants is to write letters, or at least sign them.  Many organizations such as the NRDC have petitions where you can just add your name, and the letters will be sent to government officials.  You might wonder if it has any effect, but it certainly doesn’t hurt, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

If you are crafting your own letter, keep in mind that the endangered elephant population may not concern officials in your government.  Your letter will likely get more attention if you link the elephant situation to human problems, such as poverty, crime, and climate change.

As the Duke of Cambridge wrote for the Financial Times:

“At a time when the threats to human health and security are so great, why should any president, prime minister or chief executive prioritise concern about poaching in Africa?  My riposte is that conservation is about people, not just animals: the 1,000 park rangers who have been killed by poachers in the past decade; the victims of the militia organisations that use the profits of poaching to fund conflict and massacres; the millions of Africans whose economic security relies on a wildlife tourism industry but whose livelihoods are being destroyed.”

This brings up another important point: write CEOs/corporations, not just politicians.  As we all know, big corporations often are behind the scenes influencing policy.  Also consider supporting both large and small companies that give a portion of profits to good charities.

One example is Florence Scovel Jewelry.  A portion of sales go to Save the Elephants.  Florence Scovel Jewelry is available in the US, UK, and Canada.

img_1598Picture: Florence Scovel Jewelry, currently on sale for about $10


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