Space for Giants

YouTube video: Space for Giants

Space for Giants is an organization dedicated to the protection of African elephants, and has an ambitious goal to help 40,000 of them by 2020.

One element of this organization that impresses me is the following initiative:

“Training police, prosecutors, magistrates and the judiciary on wildlife crime and trafficking and building capacity along the entire criminal justice ‘pathway’ that begins with legislative frameworks, and covers intelligence, investigations, arrest, charge, prosecution and trial. Tens of thousands of elephants and hundreds of rhinos are killed every year due to the illegal wildlife trade. One of the major factors contributing to the proliferation of this crime is the absence of meaningful deterrents as wildlife crime is characterized by low conviction rates and low penalties.”

Many organizations mention the importance of training and supporting park rangers, but without convictions and penalties for ivory smugglers and poachers, the ivory trade will continue and park rangers will be in danger.



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