Veterans For Wildlife

One experience I enjoyed in college was my clinical experience at the VA.  The veterans were grateful for our work, but we probably benefitted more than they did – they had wonderful senses of humor, fascinating life stories, and taught us a lot about how to appreciate life.

Veterans For Wildlife is an organization that helps rescue African elephants (and other endangered wildlife).  They send veterans to Africa to train rangers, build schools in poor communities, and lead educational seminars to teach locals about anti-poaching initiatives.  In addition, the group has helped raise funds for research.

One project I’m especially excited about is this one:

“In late-2016 / early-2017 Veterans for Wildlife will be deploying two female volunteers to Balule in order to support the essential work being done by the Black Mambas. Alice, a British Army veteran, and Tamara, a former New Zealand Defence Force medic, will be embedded with the anti-poaching unit. Their role? To develop the operational efficiency and first aid skills of the rangers.”

The Black Mambas is an all female anti-poaching team.  I will dedicate a blog post to them tomorrow.







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