Tracking Elephants

img_1530I received an email from the WWF asking for a donation.  The email began with the following:

“There’s a Maasai saying: ‘If you are bold and clever, try to put a necklace on an elephant.'”

The WWF is helping fund a program for elephants to have GPS tracking collars.  Rangers often know the dangerous areas of their park, where poachers have easier access.  They also know where local farms are located, where human-elephant conflicts can occur.  By tracking the elephants’ movements, they can hopefully protect them from poachers and alert communities about elephant herds on the move.

Selous, a reserve in Africa, is the WWF’s top priority for this project as it has lost 90% of its elephant population.

The project is not easy.  The Maasai are right – it is hard to get a necklace on an elephant!  It takes a large team up to a day to successfully get a GPS collar securely attached.

(Photo taken at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park)





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