Big Tusker Elephants

Satao II, a big tusker elephant, was killed in Tsavo National Park in Kenya by poachers.  There are likely fifteen big tuskers left in Kenya, and only a total of 25 left in the world.

The elephant was about fifty years old, and each tusk weighed over 50 kg.  Fortunately, two poachers were arrested and the ivory was not taken and put on the market.

This story also reiterates the danger rangers face daily. Two days before Satao II was killed, a Kenyan ranger was murdered by poachers.

These latest killings remind us that even though China thankfully has decided to get tough on the ivory trade, it is still happening.  Demand is still high.

Therefore, it is very important that citizens around the world keep pressure on their governments, educate their fellow citizens, and continue to good fight to stop the ivory trade.  There isn’t much time left for wild elephants, especially for the big tuskers.

IMG_1630Photo: Louvre, carved ivory tusk, Wikipedia, public domain


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