img_1622Photo: taken at my local zoo

Rhinos face the same concerns as elephants: poaching, destruction of habitat, and political conflict and corruption failing to protect them.

They also share the same geographical areas – Africa and Asia. As is the case with elephants, the countries with high populations of rhinos include Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

3 out of the 5 rhino species are critically endangered, yet rhinos do not receive the worldwide attention elephants do.

There are roughly 28,000 rhinos left in the world, and some species may be extinct as early as 2024.

Organizations like Save The Rhino need your support.  You can give donations, buy a gift in the online shop, help with fundraising by sharing videos/photos/commentary on social media or by hosting an event, volunteer abroad, or take a safari that supports rhino conservation.  (Details on the website)





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