Injured elephant comforted

IMG_3696An elephant was found in grave condition in Kottukachchiya, Sri Lanka with a deep nail wound to his leg.  Locals believe the elephant was a target of poachers.  The locals brought the injured elephant food and water, and cleaned his wound.  Doctors are unsure if he will live, but he certainly has a much better chance due to the quick action of villagers.

As doctors worked on removing the nail, locals even built a makeshift roof to protect the elephant from the hot sun.

Sri Lanka was the first South Asian country to take concrete steps against poaching, including burning ivory stocks. Another urgent issue in the country, and throughout Asia, is the loss of habitat for elephants.  The government is taking more steps to address the problem, and now 15% of the island is protected land.  Still, much work remains to be done.

(Picture: a picture I took in Thailand)




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