Predator Hunts approved

Back on February 19, I had a post about a Congressional bill to remove protections for Alaska’s wildlife on National Refuges.  I am very sorry to say that the bill passed the Senate this week, a vote on party lines.

Predator hunts (such as on wolves and bears) will be permitted.  Cruel methods like gassing dens is even permissible.

From the Alaska Dispatch News:

“At the heart of the disagreement between state and federal wildlife managers is what each group thinks should guide its purpose. The federal government has argued that the goal on refuges and in parks should be biodiversity. The state Board of Game has an interest in ensuring maximum sustained populations for hunting.”

In my opinion, the Alaska Board of Game is mistaken.  By killing predators, thus increasing populations of prey like elk, they are throwing nature out of balance.  For the long term health of their land, that is a bad recipe.

Unfortunately, short term profit is too often valued over long term benefit.  Hunting is a major tourist economy in Alaska.  Yet, the beauty of biodiversity and vast natural spaces would make Alaska a special place for generations to come.

Excessive oil drilling and lopsided hunting policies are clearly unwise for the long term health of Alaska and our planet.

IMG_1640Photo: taken at my zoo


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