PETA and banning elephant rides

Vantage Travel will no longer offer elephant rides on their travel itineraries.  From the Boston Herald:

“Vantage is joining the 5 million members of PETA in the noble cause of stopping the abuse and exploitation of elephants by eliminating elephant rides and elephant shows from our itineraries,” spokeswoman Kristen Caldon said.

In the past few years, PETA has been educating travel companies on the abusive practices behind elephant tourist rides.  Most of elephants are chained when not being used.  They are often trained by harsh measures, including chain whips.

Other companies agreeing to stop elephant rides include Collette Vacations, Costco Travel, Tauck, and Trip Advisor.

I don’t always agree with PETA’s methods, but I am pleased they have raised awareness on this issue and have gotten positive results.

photo: taken in Thailand at the Elephant Nature Park



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