Rhinos Without Borders


(Photo: Ikiwaner, Wikipedia, GNU free licensed image)

Rhinos Without Borders detailed how they transport rhinos from areas of poaching to safe zones in Africa.  Four rhinos are put in a military plane.  Each rhino weighs 1.5 tonnes, and it requires a massive human effort of twenty five people to load and unload him from the plane.  The rhino must be awake yet sedated, so he is blindfolded and has ear plugs to help keep him calm during the almost three hour flight.  The plane also carries armed security, as poachers are not afraid to shoot during the rescue process.

From the BBC:

Most of the world’s wild rhino population – between 20,000 and 25,000 individuals – live in South Africa, where poaching is rife.
Rhinos Without Borders ultimately wants to resettle 100 of them.
The cost of shifting just one animal is around $45,000, if you include the expense of monitoring teams and anti-poaching patrols.
But as over 1,000 a year are killed in South Africa, equivalent to one every 7.5 hours – it may be the price of avoiding extinction.


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