Neeson Cripps Academy

In a past blog post, I discussed the amazing work the Cambodian Children’s Fund does to support students and families.  In February, they opened the Neeson Cripps Academy, which will focus on STEM education.

From their website:

The five-storey NCA hosts 400 students, 30 teachers, 15 classrooms, 4 teacher workrooms, 2 international standard science labs, 2 computer labs, an art studio, a gallery space, a teacher training hub, e-learning facilities, a rooftop garden and a sports court. All are designed to work together to create a new generation of multi-skilled and fully rounded students.

This building complex was built on a former garbage site, where many of the children earned pennies a day sorting through trash.  Thanks to organizations like the Cambodian Children’s Fund, those children are now in school and planning to make positive impacts on their communities and the world.  Many plan to continue their education at the university level.

IMG_1647.JPGPhoto: Royal University,  Leng Len, Wikipedia


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