Modoc the Circus Escapee

For four days in 1942, there was an elephant on the loose in the Midwest.  Modoc, a circus elephant, was scheduled to perform in Indiana but was frightened by barking dogs and fled.  She even ran into a pharmacy in a panic, making customers dive for safety.

She ended up on the run from authorities for days, with newspapers across the country marveling at the adventure.

How did they finally recapture her?

According to the Indy Star:

“Her circus playmate, Judy, was led into the woods where she let out a cry for Modoc to emerge. Modoc walked up to her friend and they entwined their trunks. Her trainer, Terrell Jacobs, approached with thirty loaves of bread, which Modoc enthusiastically ate. She was strapped and shackled and led to a waiting truck.”

IMG_3669Photo taken at Elephant Nature Park


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