Fighting a Crocodile

Alexander Amuli M’betti Makanga was on a boat safari in Malawi, observing birds and a peaceful herd of elephants when chaos occurred.  He captured the incident on his camera.  A crocodile grabbed hold of a young elephant’s trunk.  The older elephants at first bolt, trumpeting, but soon realize the young elephant is still being attacked.  They then turn back to save their family member, with the largest elephant taking the lead with her tusks.

The crocodile lets go and disappears in the water.  The young elephant cannot be seen anymore by the camera, as it is surrounded by the herd.  The extent of injuries is therefore unknown, but it looks like it had been fighting the crocodile off without tiring so hopefully will be strong enough to recover.

Crocodiles and lions are two predators of young elephants.  The herd is vital to a young elephant’s survival, and the oldest and biggest elephants are the most important.  That is yet another reason why poaching is so tragic.  Poachers often want the elephants with the biggest tusks, which in turn puts the whole herd at greater risk.

video – YouTube



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