Wands for Wildlife

I was at the zoo today, and they are always happy to accept used and cleaned blankets for the animals.  I went online to see what other animal organizations ask for things we may be “spring cleaning” and found a very cute video of ducks getting brushed by old mascara wands to remove dirt, larvae, and insects from fur and feathers.

Wands for Wildlife  recycles old mascara wands to clean small animals.  Send them their requested written form and old (cleaned) mascara wands.  The address is: Appalachain Wild, P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776.

Video: YouTube, Appalachain Wild

From their website:

“Appalachian Wildlife Refuge was incorporated on October 23, 2014. The ALL VOLUNTEER organization was formed by a group of licensed rehabilitators, nonprofit professionals, environmental educators, and other concerned citizens, in response to the increasing numbers of wildlife requiring assistance and the need for more people trained and funded to help them in Western North Carolina.”

They have helped over 1700 animals.


2 thoughts on “Wands for Wildlife

    • I agree, it’s so great to see small organizations like this get attention for their important work, and I love the idea that people can recycle and help animals at the same time.

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