Male elephant harms baby elephant

I won’t link the video here, but there was a sad story about a male elephant caught on camera in South Africa tossing a baby elephant angrily into the air.  Fortunately, the mother elephant then protected her baby.

Animal experts say this is rare, but can happen.  The key fact is that the male elephant was young, about twenty years of age.  Like human teenagers, young male elephants don’t always behave responsibly, partly due to their still developing brain.  A young male elephant is still not aware of certain sexual scents – a fully mature male can tell when a female elephant is a recent mother or is ovulating and ready  to conceive.  A young male elephant acts on his sexual desire alone.  This particular elephant was sexually frustrated and took out his anger on the innocent little elephant.

A story in National Geographic says that the incident was one of the worst they have seen.  Usually, other elephants can sense when trouble is brewing and will put a stop to bad behavior before things get out of hand.



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