Six months

Well, it’s already been six months since I began the blog, and I must admit I’m surprised that I’ve been able to post nearly every day.  I started thinking I would have a month or so worth of posts about elephants, and then have to change course.

But, I have found the topic to be rather inexhaustible.  In addition, learning about elephants have made me naturally connect to other topics like conservation, environmental policy, animal rights, and human rights.

If there is one thing I have learned these past six months, it is that we are all connected.


(Photo taken at Elephant Nature Park)

One of my first posts was about why we should care about saving elephants.  When there are so many issues that need our attention, why devote so much time and resources to an endangered species?

In 2015, BBC Earth did a report on the same topic.  They found that although saving any species does require a huge investment, the economic and social benefit long term far exceeeds it.  (In one example, they looked at how the tourist industry depends heavily on environmental beauty and biodiversity.  In another example, they mentioned that medical advances found in nature can provide huge benefits to humankind).

But, after their long report, their conclusion at the end was the same and as simple as mine is now.

Why should we care?  We should care because we are all connected.








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