Guide Dog Foundation

Like America’s VetDogs, the Guide Dog Foundation is in Smithtown, NY.  It was established in 1946 to help the blind. Originally, the program focused on assisting returning WW2 veterans, but now services a huge variety of people who are visually impaired – those born with the disability, those who have suffered injury or illness, and those who have age-related loss of sight.

It costs $50,000 to breed, train, and place a service dog.  Puppies undergo evaluations to see if they have what it takes to be a guide dog.  They are put in many different social situations, and must be able to walk fearlessly over a wide variety of surfaces and inclines.

According to Charity Navigator, 84% of the organization’s expenses go towards the services it provides.  This is a pretty good statistic!  You can support the foundation through a regular monetary donation, or by shopping online at their website.  They have cute holiday cards for $8, and plush toys for under $20.

(YouTube video from the Guide Dog Foundation is below)





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