Korean food

I enjoyed watching the Olympics, and travelled in spirit to Korea by looking up recipes and videos on how to make Korean food.

I went to the international aisle of my supermarket and found a great variety of Korean supplies like red pepper paste, noodles, and kimchi.  The great thing is I found brands that use natural ingredients (no MSG!).

I’ve had a variety of Asian cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Thai) but have never tried Korean.  I must say I think it has become my favorite!  I think it’s because I like spice but I’m not a huge fan of salt, which dominates fish sauce and soy sauce.

These Korean dishes do not use either.

IMG_6741Some supplies I found at the supermarket, full of flavor but low in sodium.


Korean fried rice – kimchi is stir fried and then add cooked rice and red pepper paste, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and toasted nori.  Delicious.

IMG_6743Cold spicy somen noodles, with similar ingredients and topped with cucumbers, spring onions, and hard boiled egg.  I really liked this one.

IMG_6742Korean rice bowl, my favorite one…steamed veggies and bean sprouts, fresh cut cucumbers and spring onions, kimchi, egg, nori, and red pepper paste all on top of steamed rice.  Top with roasted sesame seeds and drizzle with sesame oil.  So healthy, and yet so good.  Traditionally, you’d fry the egg, but I just used the other half of the hard boiled one I used earlier.


Korean pancakes – I used kimchi and sprouts to make these, but other ones to try include zucchini or potato.

check out maangchi videos online www.maangchi.com for your own inspiration.


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